Men of science fiction

By Dennys Ilic


 A note from the photographer



“Over the years I have been lucky enough to get to know many actors in the world of science fiction as well as other various genres. Some have become close personal friends and, like you, I continue to follow their careers and enjoy the shows that they feature in. As a result I have been able to photograph many of these actors in interesting places the world over and in some cases I’ve done multiple-locations with my favorite guys!


This book contains many selects from a vast pool of spectacular, never-before-seen images of these photo shoots. It also includes in-depth descriptive details about each shoot allowing you an insight into the experience of photographing these mad men and some of the crazy situations we found ourselves in, such as; – You will find out how I convinced Niall Matter to strut his stuff on a ledge 300 feet above the ground! And why did I persuade Colin Ferguson to destroy his favourite suit!. You will also see what terrifying lengths I will go to travelling to extraordinary locations.






Comes in a limited edition box, signed by many of the men in the book, including the creator of the book, Dennys Ilic!


 The men


Edward James Olmos

Robin Lord Taylor

Joe Flanigan

Stephen Lobo

Eddie McClintock

Kristian Nairn

Robin Dunne

Ryan Robbins

Luke Mitchell

Callan McAuliffe

Jamie Bamber

James Callis

Mark Ghanime

Toorance Coombs

Callum Keith Rennie

Peter Shinkoda

Dan Feuerriegel

Roger Cross

Corin Nemec

Manu Bennett

Aaron Douglas

Christopher Heyerdahl

Colin Ferguson

Chandler Riggs

Niall Matter

Steven S. DeKnight

T.J. Scott

Danny Cannon

Daniel Portman

Paul McGillion