In The Tub

A One Of A Kind Breast Cancer Campaign

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Award-winning TV director TJ Scott decided to wage his own war on Cancer by raising funds after his Mother’s third round of Breast Cancer found its way to her bones & lungs. He donated his artistic eyes and all of the actors, musicians & celebrities donated their time to this title created strictly to raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness.


In the Tub and FCancer have partnered to create a one of a kind breast cancer campaign.

Some women experience the loss of one or both of their breasts and they believe nothing or reconstruction are their only choices. This campaign provides another option, healing with ink; helping breast cancer survivors adjust to life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Through art, FCancer and In the Tub will bring a community together and empower women to reclaim their bodies.

All Profits From Books Sold Go Towards Breast Cancer Research & Awareness



Being In The Tub will never be the same again.

P-ink brings the ink, FCancer brings the expertise, art brings a community together.

Along with the emotional stress that breast cancer and its treatment can cause, many women struggle with the changes in their appearance as a result of their treatment. Some women experience the loss of one or both of their breasts after surgery. If a woman decides not to have breast reconstruction, her only choices are to wear a breast form, prosthesis or have nothing there at all. The changes can have a profound effect on how a woman feels about herself.

Most breast cancer survivors face two choices: reconstruction or not. But most don’t realize there is a third option: INK. Our goal is to connect breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists who can provide a form of healing that no one else can. – P.INK.org



In 2015, Yael Cohen Braun and Julie Greenbaum announced the merger of their two entities, Fuck Cancer and F*ck Cancer, to form one unified non-profit to create an even bigger impact in the cancer space and for their shared communities. Fuck Cancer is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit and registered Canadian charity focusing on prevention (Prevent), early detection (Detect) and, supporting those affected by cancer (Unite).

Billions of dollars have been spent on research and treatment of cancer, while funding for prevention, early detection and psychosocial support has been neglected. Fuck Cancer looks to fill in where other charities have left off. We look at things differently, create change and impact around preventing and finding cancer before it happens. With wit, edge and humor, Fuck Cancer is improving health outcomes through education, community-based programs, psychosocial support and events.