SIGNED Special Edition: In The Tub Volume 2

SIGNED Special Edition: In The Tub Volume 2


SIGNED by TJ Scott and many participants, including covergirls Laura Vandervoort & Juliette Beavan

This is the “Revealed” version of Volume 2, with an additional 50 more ‘riqsue’ pages, for a total of 250 stunning 11″ x 17″ In The Tub images in a nearly 10lb book. The Special Edition comes in a beautiful black case with silver embossing and is limited to 1,000 copies.

TJ Scott has been behind the lens as director of numerous television series, including Star Trek, Orphan Black, Longmire, Bates Motel, and Gotham. After his mother’s third round of breast cancer found its way to her bones and lungs, TJ decided to wage his own war on cancer the only way he knew how: by raising funds through art. 

He donated his unwavering artistic eyes and all of the actors, musicians and celebrities donated their time to this title created strictly to raise funds for breast cancer research. All profits go to charity – TJ Scott has partnered with F*ck Cancer to create a one of a kind breast cancer campaign. Find out more at

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Sold Out
"My mother, Gwennyth Wallace, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 50 and given 6 months to live. She battled 3 major bouts and made it to 82 before it killed her. Gwennyth had been a Head Nurse, Fund Raiser, and Public Health Officer who developed many of Canada's biggets national health programs including the country's first 'Heart Health' and 'Anti-Smoking' campaigns.

Growing up we were taught that solving medical issues was all about Research and Education - and that those two things required lots and lots of money - far more than Federal Funding allotted to health.

As my mom was in her final fight with cancer, I wanted to do something for Breast Cancer Research. In my life, I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful friends in the entertainment industry, thus the idea of In The Tub was born. My mom, who was an avid amateur photographer, thought this was an onpoint idea - as many women discover that they have cancer lumps while 'in the tub', and many cry and think about it 'in the tub'.

50 More ‘Risque’ Images Featuring


Abigail Ratchford

Alex Appel

Andrea Bogart

Andrea Jensen

Beatrice Brigitte

Carton Gebbia

Cela Scott

Chanon Finley

Dre Davis

Ellen Hollman

Gwendoline Taylor

Jamie VanDyke

Jasmine Jardot

Jessica Harmon

Jewel Staite

Juliette Beavan

Kelly McCormack

Kim Collins

Kylie Shea

Lauren Compton

Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Shaw

Lexa Doig

Lili Borden

Lorea McFarlan

Luciana Caro

Luna Ruoumina

Madison Nazzarette

Natalie Lauren

Neraida Bega

Patricia McKenzie

Reanin Johannink

Renne Pietrangelo

Sarah Scotford

Sophia Davey

Tamara Duarte

Tara Yelland

Tricia Helfer

Vanessa Cater


All Featured

  • (Spartacus, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Oath, Training Day)

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